Dental Implant in Washington

What to Expect During Your Dental Implant Procedure in Washington DC

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Cosmetic dentistry is an option for anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their smile with minimal discomfort and down time. In fact, many people choose cosmetic dentistry because they can’t tolerate wearing a mouth guard during sleep or have lingering concerns about the effects of braces on their teeth.

Dental Implants – What are they?

With custom-made, esthetic replacement teeth, dental implants can replace damaged or missing teeth. A dental implant in Washington are  made up of a titanium screw, an abutment, and a crown and functions just like a natural tooth. Together, these components mimic the shape and functionality of a sound, natural tooth.

What to expect before implants

As healthy gums and bone are necessary for the implant to be implanted, preparing for dental implant surgery takes time. You must maintain good oral hygiene habits and visit your dentist frequently to keep your mouth healthy. Your dentist will first assess your complete mouth and capture all the radiographs, models of your teeth, and photographs required to aid plan the required procedures. Several dental specialists, such as a general dentist, prosthodontist, maxillofacial surgeon, and/or a periodontist, may contribute to your dental treatment plan. In this initial procedure, it’s crucial to disclose your medical history and any medications you’re now taking.

What to expect during implants

As previously discussed, your jawbone may need to grow additional bone before an implant can be placed in order to hold the implant in place. Before an implant may be inserted following bone grafting, there must normally be a 4-6 month healing period. Your dentist may provide you with a temporary denture while the implant heals and osseointegration (also known as osseointegration) with your jawbone. Normally, this healing process takes longer than three months. Your dentist will attach the abutment to the dental implant after it has healed. Once the abutment is in place and your gums have had time to recover, your dentist will take a mold of your mouth to use in creating the new artificial tooth that will be affixed to the abutment.

What to expect after implants

There are many different ways that a cosmetic dentist can help you get the smile you’ve always wanted:

  1. Your gums and face swelling
  2. your skin and gums becoming bruised
  3. the implant location hurts
  4. Small bleeding

Following dental implant surgery, you could require painkillers or antibiotics. Contact your oral surgeon if swelling, discomfort, or any other issue worsens in the days following surgery.

You might need to eat soft meals throughout the healing process after each stage of surgery. Typically, your surgeon will use self-dissolving sutures. If your stitches don’t dissolve on their own, your doctor will remove them.

Are you a candidate for dental implants?

The bone surrounding the missing tooth starts to degenerate. You need sufficient bone to support the post in order to get a dental implant properly. So you might not have enough bone left depending on how long your tooth has been gone.

If your tooth is extracted in our office, we can use a bone graft to help you rebuild your bone. To create sufficient bone structure for a dental implant, this treatment involves bone grafting material.


Cosmetic dentists are trained to diagnose problems that can cause unsightly discoloration or decay in your natural teeth. They then use highly specialized materials to restore your smile and make it look its best.

If the bone doesn’t sufficiently fuse, the implant is taken out, the area is cleaned up, and the surgery can be repeated in about three months.

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