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What to Do for a Broken Tooth

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There’s never a good time to break a tooth–it can be painful and you might feel a sense of panic about what to do next. Our team has put together this helpful guide on what to do for a broken tooth. We hope these tips can reduce your stress about this dental emergency!

How Can I Avoid a Broken Tooth?

If you play sports that can involve contact with other participants, equipment, or the ground (such as football, soccer, basketball, skateboarding, martial arts, boxing, etc.), invest in a well-fitting mouthguard to protect your teeth and lips from damage. If you grind and clench your teeth as you sleep, wear a nightguard and look for ways to decrease your stress and anxiety during the day. Additionally, avoid chewing on ice, your nails, writing utensils, and hard candy. Don’t open packaging with your teeth, as this can also increase your risk for breaking a tooth.

I Broke My Tooth – What Can I Do About It?

Even if you’ve taken all of the precautions, you might still break a tooth when eating, participating in an activity, falling, or if you experience another kind of accident. Call us immediately! You’ll need to gather the broken fragments of your tooth. Place them in milk or your saliva and bring to our office for an urgent appointment. Rinse your mouth with warm salty water. If you have any swelling, a cold compress can help reduce inflammation and pain.

What Are the Treatments for a Broken Tooth?

At New Columbia Dentistry, we do our best to provide the most conservative treatment possible that will preserve your natural teeth and oral health! The treatment we recommend to restore your tooth will depend on the severity of the break. In some cases, the appearance and function of your compromised tooth can be restored with a dental crown. Severe cases that involve an infected inner dental pulp may require root canal therapy or an extraction.

To ask our team any questions about how to handle a dental emergency or to schedule an appointment at New Columbia Dentistry, please contact us today!

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