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Options for Restorative Dental Treatment in Washington DC

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Restorative Dental in Washington, DC, refers to any dental work done to improve the shape and function of your teeth, and it can include a wide range of different types of care. It’s crucial to comprehend what restorative dental services can entail before deciding if you require them.
Restorative Dental in Washington, DC, refers to any dental procedure focused on mending or restoring damaged oral structures. It can involve, among many other services, operations including fillings, bridges, and implants.

Here are some of the common restorative dental treatments in Washington, DC –

Dental fillings

Fillings protect against bacteria, chipping, and fractures for the previously weakened tooth. In the sense that they restore damaged teeth to save the tooth and extend its useful life. To provide a tooth that has been damaged, providing more strength and durability. Fillings and crowns may occasionally be used together. Dental fillings can last up to 15 years with proper maintenance.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

A dental crown can help you get the tooth back to its ideal size, shape, and strength if it has been broken, decaying, cracked, or otherwise compromised. Simply said, crowns are hollow caps made to fit your tooth’s shape and are secured in place with cement. Although porcelain fused to metal crowns can be produced from a variety of materials, including ceramic or gold, many patients choose them for their long-lasting resilience and lifelike appearance that complements their original teeth.

Roots Canal Treatment

Your dentist may suggest a root canal if a tooth so severely deteriorates that a filling won’t be sufficient to restore it. This treatment aids in removing tooth decay from the damaged tooth’s root, which relieves throbbing toothaches. A crown is then placed on top to restore the tooth’s appearance or strength after the empty tooth root is filled with a rubbery substance and sealed shut.

Dental Implants

The tooth root replaced by a dental implant, which is a tiny, threaded post. Your implant will work like a natural tooth once your dentist attaches a crown.

Dental implants are repaired by your dentist using crowns, bridges, or even dentures. Implants don’t involve changing your original teeth. Implants are regarded as the gold standard for tooth replacement by many dentists.

Full & Partial Dentures

We at New Columbia Dentistry in Washington, DC, provide full & partial dentures. Partial dentures can easily replace one or more lost teeth and click onto your healthy teeth using metal clips, making them a quick and economical solution.
Complete dentures are somewhat unique. Since they must fit snugly over your gums, any healthy teeth that are still there should be extracted. Because of this, they are typically only a viable option if you have lost most or all of your teeth result of a major accident, gum disease, or dental decay and infections.

When should I see a Restorative Dentist in Washington, DC?

Make an appointment with a dentist if you have teeth that are decaying, damaged, or missing teeth. They can aid in regaining the health, functionality, and attractiveness of a smile.

Also, you should go to the dentist regularly for cleanings and checkups. In between appointments, make sure you maintain appropriate oral hygiene at home.

Call your dentist for more advice if you have a dental restoration that feels “wrong” or leaves a terrible taste in your mouth.


Several dental conditions can benefit from Restorative Dentistry in Washington, DC, but it’s crucial to be fully informed before scheduling such procedures. To understand what to anticipate and make the best decision for your circumstances, ensure to have a detailed discussion with your Washington, DC, dentist about your alternatives. Also, you should confirm that your insurance policies cover any probable operations. It will assist you in preventing any unexpected costs from future surgeries that are considered elective rather than restorative. The best approach to avoid discomfort both physically and financially is to plan for your dentistry treatments with New Columbia Dentistry in Washington, DC, dentists.

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